Tommy Boccuto began his career as a deejay in 1989 he worked for 18 years in many places throughout Italy, reaching over the years a number of famous European clubs, proposing and experimenting with her sound House

As a producer in May 2003 he collaborated with MBG (Boss Label 9 Records) with the single "The Guitar" released on 9 Label Records (promo 12 "), where he has been a great success with over the years older other collaborations with the same MBG in many compilations on the same Label ..!

Today the sound of Tommy Boccuto is always best described as a combination of various types of music, a very personal style and rich with a broad background music, which is considered as the key to its success. Many of his productions we can find them on many Italian and foreign compilations.

August 2013 he founded the label B74 Records where he publishes his music and collaborates with different Label to name a few: Minimarket Recording, Nu Traxx Records, Overbeat Records , Disco Balls , Jango Music , Molto Recordings , Traktoria Records , Jungle Funk Recordings , Cruise Music , Smilax Publishing ...!

Max Marotto

Hailing from north Italy, Max Marotto is a highly respected DJ and producer with over 20 years experience.

His production output started in the mid 90's influenced from funk and disco styles that he fell in love with from a very young age.


Max is a talent that has numerous appearances in charts and features in various sub genres of House and electronic styles with heavy support from many highly respected artists in the dance music circuit.


Max's love for Funk and Disco does not go unnoticed in either his DJ sets, or productions. Recently, his remix of classic "Pump Up The Jam" remixed by Alfred Azetto on label Rule 5 got him to the #01 spot on Jackin' House and the top 20 best seller under the House genre on Traxsource.


Max is currently working with several prestigious labels such as…Purple Music, Ocean Trax, miniMarket rec, House Tribe Records, Disco Balls, Reelhouse , B74 Records and of course SP Recordings…

Giampy Romita

Giampy Romita / a.k.a. Giampy $ in BLACK-SOUL scene known as Giampy$NOW2, revealed in the municipality of Bari as Gianpietro Romita, belonging to Class 84, of his long adventurous and unexpected way as a DJ in 1996/97, participating in the convention to DJ Jam emerging dj Black-Music organized by attending art school in the day ... where he was repeatedly exclaimed "Jump," and by then saddled with friends "Giampy" for the charism and special features which diversified themselves (while playing jumping!) H attended a regional DMC'match (race DJing, scratching) coming in first place with mixed sets. After years of study and work, birthdays and parties in da house, in 1999/2000 or better highlight in the 'summer of that period passes the Renoir (Disco popular Southern Italy) as a supporter of Tommy Boccuto dj, remaining there for the whole season ; coming in the following year with Tommy also Boccuto abroad to 'HIPPODROME disc, the local most prestigious Corfu' (Greece). The passion for music is Hunder - Happy & Black enable him to distinguish his sets with new polarizations stilizzandoli melodies sounds making them unique by participating in events by selecting particularly the track list to be used in fashion events, performing with various and famous DJs of the House scene . Still he works as a resident DJ at the nightclub Demodè very nominated in southern Italy and more, working together with international artists.

Giampy Romita debut as a producer with his single "You Walking" working with Tommy Boccuto released in December 2016 on B74 Records label, other upcoming projects, stay tuned ..!

Master J


From an early age Vito Bruno begins to listen to a lot of electronic dance music from several national radio and television stations that broadcast music videos and dance events.

in 2000 he bought his first console, and self-taught learning to mix different genres, house, dance, trance,

Starts djing in various private parties and played in lounge bars, from 2012 begins to know the world of radio, Mauro Mastrapasqua knows that makes him begin the adventure in its web radio, MGRADIO, where he will conduct a program of music dance the currently selected and mixed by him, in 2013 he played in major events organized by various associations and on various stages of white nights. In the fall of 2014 Francis knows Loconsole, director of, and it is love at first sight with this radio actually present in Bari since 1989. begin to conduct a program of house music with other djs established in Puglia, in one of these programs know dJ / Producer Tommy Boccuto together comincieranno to lead the now historic program United dj, where different DJs took turns at the mixer radiosoundcity shots of deep house. Vito Bruno continue to cultivate his passion for radio and in 2015 founded a new program devised by artistic director Francesco Loconsole (Radiosoundcity) "SELECTA" and from here on Vito Bruno officially becomes Master J. Still leads the "Dee program (p) Jay".

- Producer

In November 2016 he made his debut with his first single deep house

"SPELL" together with DJ / Producer Tommy Boccuto boss B74 Records Label



Promo 2017/08/25 Traxsource the new album by Tommy Boccuto & Giampy Romita - Looks Like EP (B74 Records)


Promo 2017/09/15 Traxsource the new EP by Tommy Boccuto - Music EP (Puputy Record)




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